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松茸 Matsutake Mushroom [Food and Drink]

1 Why is matsutake so expensive?
2 Why do Japanese love matsutake?
3 How do you cook matsutake?
4 Why has the harvest of matsutake decreased in Japan?
5 What country does Japan import matsutake from?
6 What's your favorite mushroom?
7 Do you think matsutake is worth spending much money on?

Useful Words
需要      demand
供給      supply
香り      aroma
土瓶蒸し    steamed dish in an earthenware teapot
堆積する    pile up
菌類      fungus (pl. fungi)
燃料      fuel


将棋 Japanese Chess [Tradition]

1 Where is Japanese chess originated in?
2 Are there any differences between chess and Japanese chess?
3 How many pieces do you use in Japanese chess?
4 Could you name all the pieces of Japanese chess?
5 How many titles are there in Japanese chess?
6 Why do you think AI is stronger than human players?
7 How do you become a Japanese chess professional?
8 Which is easier, go or Japanese chess?

Useful Words
マス目    grid
駒      piece
人工知能   AI
日本将棋連盟 the Japan Shogi Association (JSA)
奨励会    "apprentice school"
段      dan
昇格する   be promoted


和傘 Japanese Umbrella [Others]

1 How do you hold a Japanese umbrella after you close it?
2 Are there any other difference between Japanese and Western umbrellas?
3 Who invented plastic umbrellas?
4 Queen Elizabeth and the Emperor of Japan love plastic umbrellas. Why?
5 Why do Japanese have the most unbrellas in the world?
6 How many umbrellas, including folding umbrellas, do you have?
7 What's "kasa-pon"?
8 What's the meaning of "ai-ai-gasa"?
9 Why do you think not only women but men use parasols in summer nowadays?

Useful Words
取っ手を下にして   with the handle down
ひも         string
傘の骨        rib
傘の生地       canopy
内側にたたまれる   be folded inward
ビニール傘      plastic umbrella
折り畳み傘      folding umbrella
装置         device


東京スカイツリー Tokyo Skytree [Tokyo]

1 How old and how high is Tokyo Skytree?
2 How high is the upper observation deck?
3 How much is the admission fee?
4 What if we have a big earthquake when we are on the deck?
5 What's the name of the mascot?
6 What is at the bottom of Tokyo Skytree?

Useful Words
展望台     observation deck
入場料     admission fee
柱       pillar
避難階段    emergency stairs
水族館     aquarium


昭和基地 Showa Station [Others]

1 Is Showa station the only Japanese station in Antarctica?
2 What's the name of the icebreaker of Japan?
3 How many members winter in the station?
4 What do they do in Antarctica?
5 What do they do in their free time?
6 How do they get fresh vegetables?
7 How do they dispose of their waste and garbage?
8 When did the first expedition team of Japan go to Antarctica?
9 Are you interested in a trip to Antarctica?

Useful Words
南極大陸     Antarctica
砕氷船      icebreaker
越冬する     winter
人工の光     artificial light
カイワレ大根   white radish sprouts
生物分解する   biodegrade
観測隊      expedition team


弥生時代 the Yayoi Period [History]

1 When did the Yayoi period start and end?
2 Why is this period called "Yayoi"?
3 What started in this period?
4 What kind of "houses" did the Yayoi people live in?
5 Who introduced rice farming to Japan?
6 How different is Yayoi earthenware and Jomon ware?
7 In those days, what was Japan called in old Chinese history books?
8 Do you know any famous king's or queen's names of this period?
9 Do you know any famous sites of this period?

Useful Words
弥生式土器   Yayoi earthenware, Yayoi ware
稲作      rice farming
青銅器     bronze ware
定住      settlement
朝貢外交    tribute diplomacy
竪穴式住居   pit house
幾何学的な   geometrical
登呂遺跡    the Toro site


稲荷神社 Inari Shrine [Religion]

1 How many Inari shrines are there in Japan?
2 Who are Inari shrines dedicated to?
3 Where is Fushimi Inari Shrine?
4 Why are there so many red gates in the shrine?
5 What's "Light-or-Heavy Stone" of Fushimi Inari Shrine?
6 Why are there fox statues in Inari shrines?
7 Why do you offer "inari-zushi" at Inari shrines?
8 What's "hatsuuma"?
9 What's "kitsune-udon"?

Useful Words
願い事をする  make a wish
願いが叶う   be granted / come true
お使い     messenger
米俵      straw rice bag
午の日     the Horse Day
お揚げ     deep-fried bean curd
化かす     trick


七福神 the Seven Lucky Gods [Religion]

1 Are the seven lucky gods Shinto gods?
2 Do you know all the names?
3 What's the feature of Daikoku?
4 What's the feature of Ebisu?
5 What's the musical instrument the female god holds?
6 Who is the god in armor?
7 How do you tell Fukurokuju from Jurojin?
8 Who is the god with a potbelly?
9 What's "shichifukujin-meguri"? Why do you do it?

Useful Words
ヒンズー教      Hinduism
道教         Taoism
打ち出の小づち    magic hammer
米俵         straw rice bag
鯛          sea bream
甲冑         armor
はげた頭       bald head
太鼓腹        potbelly
ご利益        blessing


相撲 Sumo [Tradition]

1 How many sumo tournaments do you have in a year?
2 Why do sumo wrestlers wear only sumo belts?
3 Why do they throw salt onto the ring before each bout?
4 Could you tell me the sumo rules?
5 How do the wrestlers develop such huge bodies?
6 How heavy are they?
7 What kind of ranks are there in the "makuuchi" division?
8 Where do sumo wrestlers live?
9 What's "chanko"?

Useful Words
場所      tournament
取組      bout
まわし     sumo belt
神事      Shinto ritual
土俵      ring
空腹の状態で  on an empty stomach
平均して    on average
相撲部屋    sumo stable
鍋料理     hot pot dish


正月 New Year [Tradition]

1 What's "kadomatsu"? Where do you display it?
2 Do pine branches and bamboo stems have any special meanings?
3 What's "shimekazari"? Where do you display it?
4 Why do you display "kadomatsu" and "shimekazari" at New Year?
5 What's "kagamimochi"?
6 Why is it called "kagami"?
7 What do you do at New Year?
8 Do you go to see the first sunrise of the year?

Useful Words
長寿     longevity / long life
繁栄     prosperity
しめ縄    sacred straw rope
シダ     fern leaf
みかん    tangerine
二段重ねの  two-tiered


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