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燃料電池車 Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) [Current Topics]

1 What's the fuel of FCV?
2 How does FCV get electricity?
3 What does FCV emit while running?
4 What's the difference between FCV and EV?
5 What's the problem of FCV?
6 Do you think FCV is eco-friendly?
7 Aside from using FCV or EV, what can we do to be eco-friendly?
8 Do you drive? What kind of car do you have?
9 Are you interested in FCV? Do you want to get one?

Useful Words
水素      hydrogen
酸素      oxygen
放出する    emit
電気自動車   electric car (EV)
二酸化炭素   carbon dioxide
満タンにする  fill up
排気ガス    car exhausts


生前退位 Abdication [Current Topics]

1 How old is the Emperor?
2 Why does he want to abdicate? Is it possible?
3 What does he do?
4 Does he get a salary?
5 Is he as rich as Queen Elizabeth?
6 Who is the next Emperor?
7 Could you share your information about the Imperial family?
8 Do you agree to the Emeror's abdication?
9 Do you agree to a female Emperor?

Useful Words
退位する     abdicate
退位       abdication
法律に規定する  stipulate
皇室典範     the Imperial Household law
法律を改正する  amend
皇太子      the Crown Prince
父系の      on the father's line


イグノーベル賞 Ig Nobel Prize [Current Topics]

1 Who are Ig Nobel Prizes given to?
2 Where is its award ceremony held?
3 What are the prize winners required to in the ceremony?
4 What happens if a winner's speech is long and boring?
5 What is the purpose of Ig Nobel Prizes?
6 Why do you think Japanese get Ig Nobel Prizes almost every year?
7 What is Bow-Lingual?
8 Why did former French President Chirac get an Ig Nobel Peace Prize?

Useful Words
業績       achievement
授賞式      award ceremony
ユーモアのある  humorous
翻訳する     translate
核実験      nuclear test
記念する     commemorate


平均寿命 Average Life Span [Current Topics]

1 What's the average life span for women in Japan?
2 Why do you think Japanese life span is so long?
3 Why do you think women live longer than men?
4 Which prefecture has the longest life span in Japan?
5 What's healthy life span?
6 What should we do to live long and healthy?
7 What do you think long life span causes in your society?
8 Do you want to live to be 100 or more?
9 Do you have anyone in your family that lived very long?

Useful Words
健康寿命    healthy life span, healthy life expectancy
国民健康保険  national health insurance system
乳幼児死亡率  child mortality
健康志向の   health-conscious
医療費     medical costs
介護      nursing care


少子化 Declining Birthrate [Current Topics]

1 What does the total fertility rate mean?
2 What's the rate in Japan?
3 Why is the birthrate of Japan declining?
4 What's the average age of first-time mothers of Japan now?
5 Which do you think is better, early childbirth or late childbirth? Why?
6 What do you think the Japanese government has to do to increase the birthrate?
7 Why is declining birthrate a big problem in Japan?

Useful Words
合計特殊出生率 total fertility rate
初産の母親   first-time mother
出産      childbirth
保育園     nursery school
高齢化社会   aging society


ポケモンGO Pokemon GO [Current Topics]

1 Do you play Pokemon GO?
2 What's your favorite Pokemon?
3 Why can we see Pokemons as if they were in the real world?
4 What items can we use?
5 What are Pokemon nests?
6 If we use all the Poke Balls, can we get some more?
7 How can we hatch Poke Eggs?
8 How can we power up or evolve Pokemons?
9 What problems has this game caused?

Useful Words
拡張現実     augmented reality
孵化させる    hatch
進化させる    evolve
公共の迷惑    public nuisance


iPS 細胞 iPS Cells [Current Topics]

1 What's "iPS" short for?
2 Why is the " i " a small letter?
3 Who created iPS cells? How did he create them?
4 What can we do with iPS cells?
5 How different are iPS cells from ES cells?
6 Why do iPS cells have no risk of rejection?
7 What are the problems of iPS cells?
8 If possible, what body part do you want to reset?

Useful Words
人工多能性幹細胞 iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells)
胚性幹細胞    ES cells (embryonic stem cells)
受精卵      embryo
遺伝子      gene
再生医療     regenerative medicine
移植       transplant
拒絶反応     rejection


ゆるキャラ Yuru-kyara [Current Topics]

1 What's "yuru-kyara"?
2 How many "yuru-kyara" mascots do you have in Japan?
3 Why do you make "yuru-kyara"? What's the purpose?
4 Do you think "yuru-kyara" is helpful to get more visitors to local cities?
5 Could you describe Funassyi?
6 Could you describe Hikonyan? Whose mascot is this?
7 Could you describe Kumamon? Whose mascot is this?
8 What's your favorite "yuru-kyara"?
9 Do you think "yuru-kyara" is childish?

Useful Words
ゆるい    loose, relaxing
ねらい、目的 aim, purpose
戦略     strategy
役に立つ   helpful
梨の妖精   pear elf


消費税 Consumption Tax [Current Topics]

1 What percentage is the consumption tax rate in Japan now?
2 Why is the government raising it?
3 Do you agree to the tax rise?
4 Do you think the consumption tax is fair to everyone?
5 Will you buy something before the consumtion tax is raised?

Useful Words
税率       tax rate
税金の値上げ   tax rise
税金が上がる   be raised
~に税金をかける put (tax) on ~
社会福祉     social welfare

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